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Title: 順決択分に関わる「三善根」説の一考察 : 『無量義経』「序」の検討
Other Titles: An Investigation into the Theory of Trini Kusalamulani Relation to the Nirvedha-Bhagiya : A Review of the Preface to the Ananta-Nirdesa
Authors: 周, 柔含
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2005
Publisher: 立正大学法華経文化研究所
Abstract: In the academic community there exists the theory that the Ananta-Nirdesa was composed in China by Liu Qiu (438-495), the author of the text's preface. This article re-examines the question of whether the extant preface to the Zhu-wu-liang-yi-jing (注無量義經), was written by Liu Qiu and concludes that it was. Liu Qiu's writings survived until the time of Jingxi Zhan Ran (荊溪湛然, 711-782). Later, the preface alone was incorporated into the Chu-san-zang-ji-ji (出三藏記集) by Seng You (僧祐, 445-518) as the one to the Ananta-Nirdesa. The only way to determine if the Ananta-Nirdesa was written in China is through an analysis of the contents of the sutra; there are no other relevant extant sources. Therefore, it is against reason to claim that the Ananta-Nirdesa was written in China just due to the internal problems of the preface to the Zhu-wu-liang-yi-jing.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/1167
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