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Title: 江戸時代ロシアへの漂流・抑留民 : 漂流・抑留経緯とその歴史的意義
Other Titles: A Study on the Japanese Castaways and Detainees in Russia during the Edo Period : Details of the Driftings and Detainments, and their Historical Meanings
Authors: 木崎, 良平
KISAKI, Ryohei
Issue Date: 20-Mar-1986
Publisher: 立正大学文学部
Abstract: This study deals with Japanese castaways and detainees in Russia during the Edo Period prior to the opening of the country. It includes : (1) castaways from Osaka, who were shipwrecked in 1695,(2) castaways from Nambu, who were shipwrecked in 1709,(3) castaways of the Wakashio Maru from Satsuma in 1728,(4) castaways of the Taga Maru from Nambu in 1744,(5) castaways of the Shinsho Maru from Ise in 1782-1792,(6) castaways of the Wakamiya Maru from Sendai in 1793-1804,(7) castaways of the Keisho Maru from Nambu in 1803-1806,(8) those detained in Sakhalin Island during the Bunka era in 1806-1807,(9) those detained in Etorofu Island in 1807-1812,(10) castaways of the Kanki Maru from Settsu in 1810-1813,(11) those crew of the Takadaya Kanze Maru in 1812-1813,(12) castaways of the Eiju Maru from Satsuma in 1812-1816,(13) castaways of the Tokujo Maru from Owari in 1813-1816,(14) castaways from Hayakawa Village, Echigo in 1832-1836,(15) castaways of the Choja Maru from Etchu in 1838-1848,and (16) castaways of the Tenju Maru from Kii in 1850-1852. Details of these cases of drifting and detainment have been described as accurately as possible. Relevant historical materials and documents are referred to. The roles of these castaways and detainees played in the history of Russo-Japanese contact have been studied. In other words, the very fact that these people played an important part in the history of the cultural interchange between the two countries and the great roles they played as mediators and interpreters in establishing the diplomatic relations of the two countries have been closely examined.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/2415
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