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Title: 山梨県における 1950 年代の工場分布
Authors: 大塚, 昌利
OHTSUKA, Masatoshi
Issue Date: 20-Mar-1987
Publisher: 立正大学文学部
Abstract: This paper deals with the distribution of factories in Yamanashi Prefecture in the 1950's. Just after the 2nd World War there were 440 factories with more than 5 employees, 11,009 employees and about 84.8 million yen of manufacturing shipments in Yamanashi Prefecture. In 1950,however, the numbers increased to 1,743 factories with more than 4 employees, 23,047 employees and 8.3 billion yen of shipments. If all manufacturing factories including small ones with 3 employees or less, the numbers were 7,966 factories, 35,554 employees and 11.5 billion yen of shipments. But the numbers of factories and employees in Yamanashi Prefecture in the 1950's did not shift very much rather stagnant. It it clear that the industrialization of Yamanashi Prefecture in the 1950's was much inferior if compared with Japanese industrialization as a whole. Distribution of the manufacturing factories for 1951 was as follows : (1) Food factories. The most numerous factories were refined sake making and wine brewing came next. Factories of the fomer were distributed in Kofu-shi and Masuho-cho especially, whereas breweries of the latter were concentrated in Katsunuma-cho, Enzan-shi and Isawa-cho. (2) Textile goods factories. About a half of factories were silk making and with a specific concentration in Kofu-shi. Textile fabrics, which was next to silk, was located in Fujiyoshida-shi and its surroundings. (3) Sawmills and wooden goods factories. They were concentrated in two regions especially. One of them was Kofu-shi and the other was mountain areas in the Fuji River basin. (4) Paper and Pulp factories. The most important manufacturing was Japanese paper, manufactured by very small plants mainly in Ichikawadaimon-cho and Nakatomi-cho. But pulp mills counting ten were scattered in Yamanashi Prefecture. (5) Iron, metals and machinery factories. This kind of manufacturing was not developed well at that time. Merely ten machine factories of agricultural tools, precision instruments and so on were located in Kofu-shi and other areas. (6) Pottery factories. Potteries at that time were all roof tile makers. They were concentrated in Kofu-shi and Wakakusa-cho. (7) Crystal ware factories. Crystal wares which has been a traditionl industry in Yamanashi Prefecture has been manufactured in small workshops. Kofu-shi was the main center. (8) Chemical factories. There were a few factories as rubber, soap and so on in Yamanashi Prefecture shwing a scattered distribution.
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