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Title: A Drastic Change in the System of Teacher's Licenses in Japan
Other Titles: 日本における教員免許状制度の大転換 : 教員免許状更新制度をめぐる問題を中心に
Authors: NAMIMOTO, Katsutoshi
浪本, 勝年
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2010
Publisher: 立正大学心理学部
Abstract: Teachers working hours are very long in Japan. Japanese teachers are very busy in working at schools not only to teach the subjects but also to be involved in pupils guidance and extra-activities. Both Ministry of Education and Teachers union admit that Japanese teachers have been overworking for many hours. On top of that the class size of the primary and secondary schools in Japan is very big. Central Government regulation prescribes class size should be less than 40 pupils. And in fact there are over 30 pupils.More over they are to be required to renew their licenses every 10 years since April 2009. On 20 June 2007 the ruling parties in Japan had forced to pass the revised Act of teacher s licenses, which requires teachers to renew their licenses every 10 years to update their education information and skills. This means a drastic change for teachers. In Japan from 1900 they did not need to renew their licenses because they were valid throughout life. But roughly 80,000 teachers are required to take a 30-ur training course every year by the Act.The Ministry of Education published the details in its regulations on 31 March 2008, planning how to renew the licenses of teachers. Teachers are required to go through a 30-hour training course mainly at the Universities and to pass the examinations. The certificates of the University make them be judged competent by local boards of education. Those who do not take the course or fail in the examination at the end of the course at the Universities will lose the validity of their licenses and their jobs.Japanese teachers are now very reluctant since this renewal system causes them to have more obligation. And as a result of that, they must work harder besides of their usual responsibility.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/5038
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