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Title: 外見から推定される女性の魅力
Other Titles: Female Attraction Interfered from Appearance
Authors: 川名, 好裕
KAWANA, Yoshihiro
Keywords: female attraction
physical attraction
mental attraction
relationship preferences
generation comparisons
Issue Date: 21-Mar-2013
Publisher: 立正大学心理学研究所
Abstract: Internet survey was conducted to study the interpersonal attraction of 20 different various female pictures. Data samples were consisted of 968 males and 967 females aged 20-49 years of old all over Japan. Participants rated the various attraction traits of one of 20 pictures. The male participants also rated of the relationship preferences; the degree of desire to be the friend, the lover, the sex partner and the marriage partner. The female participants rated the degree of desire to be the friend. Factor analysis of physical attraction traits extracted 4 different kind of physical attractions, which are the sexy-beauty attraction, the young-healthy attraction, the slim-body style attraction, and the white-sanitary attraction. Also Factor analysis of mental attraction traits extracted 4 different mental attractions, which are the friendliness, conscience, initiative and capability. Making these 8 different attraction factors as explanatory variables, and the degrees of desired relationships with the female picture stimuli as the criterion variables, the stepwise multiple regression analysis were conducted. The standardized multiple regression coefficients showed the importance of the kind of attraction determining the degree of desired relationships( Friend, lover, sexual partner, marriage partner). Generation comparisons showed as follows. The sexy-beauty attraction is most valued in love and sexual relationships by through 20-40 aged males. The males of 20’s also liked the friendliness and the conscience, but hated the initiative of females. The males of 30’s valued the young-healthiness besides the sexy-beauty attraction. They valued nothing of mental attractions. The males of 40’s also valued the young-healthiness besides the sexy-beauty attraction. But they hated the initiative and the capability of females. Female participants valued the initiative and the friendliness, but hated the sexy-beauty attractions in friend relationships, especially in females of 20-30’s. Females of 40’s valued the slim body style, besides the friendliness and the initiative of female friends.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/5224
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