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Title: 農作物からみた中国農業の土地利用問題 ―長江デルタと東北地区の対比―
Other Titles: Land-use Issues in Chinese Agriculture seen from Main Crops — A Comparison of the Changjiang Delta and the Northeast —
Authors: 元木, 靖
Motoki, Yasushi
Keywords: 中国農業
Chinese agriculture
land use
agricultural crop
Changjiang Delta
Northeast District
Issue Date: 6-Aug-2012
Publisher: 立正大学経済学会
Abstract: WTO 加盟を契機とした中国の世界市場への本格的参入は,沿海部を中心に急速な工業化と都市化を促す一方で,改革開放以降に構築されてきた中国農業の生産力構造にも大きな変化をもたらしつつある.本稿では,中国の農業の地域構造がWTO 加盟前後でどのような方向で変わりつつあるかについて,農作物(種類別播種面積)を指標として概観し,近年の農作物の消長と地域分化の特徴を明らかにした.また,1990 年代以降著しい経済発展を遂げてきた長江デルタと近年の農業発展が著しい東北地区の動向について検討した結果,両地域の産業構造の変化に対応して農業(=農作物)の変化の方向に明瞭な差異が生じてきたことが分かった.とくに,主食として最も重要な位置を占める稲作の比重が2005 年以来,従来圧倒的に優越していた長江デルタから東北地区へと逆転したことが注目される.ただし,このような土地利用の変化の方向が完全に定着したわけではない.両地区ともに今後解決すべき課題を抱えている.
Full-scale entry of China into the world market through joining the WTO promoted rapid industrialization and urbanization mainly in coastal regions, and a restructure of agricultural production. This paper outlines the country’s changing trends before and after its affiliation to the WTO, according to main crops areas, rise and falls of production, and regional differentiations. The Changjiang River Delta, with a rapid economic development since the 1990s, and the Northeast, with a remarkable agricultural development during that period, were compared. It was found that the redirection of agriculture change regarding in crops caused the main contrasts between them. The specific gravity of rice which has been increasingly important as the staple food, was relocated since 2005 to the northeast area from the Changjiang delta, with comparative geographical advantages. However, at present the difference in rice production between both regions is not large, and unresolved issues on land use have been left even today.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/5360
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