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Title: 南インド研究序説 (今泉文子教授・元木靖教授定年退任記念号)
Other Titles: An Introduction to south India (Special Issue in honor of the Retirement of Professor Fumiko Imaizumi and Professor Yasushi Motoki)
Authors: 元木, 靖
Motoki, Yasushi
Keywords: 地域区分
regional division
south India
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2014
Publisher: 立正大学経済学会
Abstract: 「神秘の国,悠久の国」,あるいは「貧困と不平等の国」と呼ばれ,また世界で最も多様な社会を構成してきたことで知られるインドは,1990 年代以降の経済自由化を背景として,急速な経済成長を遂げ,人々の生活と地域の環境は大きな変貌の途上にある.本稿では,インドの地域区分に基づき,南・北の地域差を確認した上で,とくに南インドにみられる多様な社会の特徴について概観した.さらに南インドの地域社会の変容の方向についてローカルレベルから行われた研究成果を紹介し基本的な論点について考察し,合わせて今後検討すべき課題について若干の知見を示した.
India, traditionally names “a mysterious country”, “an eternal country” or “a country of poverty and the inequity”, has been in fact constituted a diverse society throughout economic liberalization after the 1990s and rapid economic growth, peoples lifestyles and the environment are on the way of signifi cant changes. Socio geographical characteristics between north India and south India are reviewed, and the diff erences among four states in south India were elucidated. Furthermore, Based on detailed studies by Japanese, the characteristics of inland rural south India since independence until early 2000s are considered , and further issues to understand recent trends will be proposed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/5431
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