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Title: 三段階要請技法について
Other Titles: The three step request making techniques
Authors: 川名, 好裕
KAWANA, Yoshihiro
Keywords: Three step request making
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2015
Abstract:  The three step request making techniques were proposed combining Foot-in-the-door technique and Door-in-the-face technique. One three step request technique is the Foot-on-the-face procedure which first makes large request, then small request, finally middle size request. The other three step request technique is the Foot-in-the-door-in-the-face procedure which first makes small request, then large request, finally middle size request.  The acceptance rates of the middle size were compared among the single request making(control condition), the foot-inthe- door, the door-in-the-face, the foot-on-the-face and the foot-in-the-door-in-the face. The foot-in-the-door-in-the-face procedure proved to be the most effective request-making technique. While, the foot-on-the-face procedure was worst, the request acceptance was almost the same as the single request making.  The reasoning of the difference of acceptance rates was discussed theoretically.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/5594
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