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Title: 臨床心理外部実習における学校臨床心理実習 : 大学院生による実習の受け止め方から実践のあり方への考察
Other Titles: Outside practical trainings in clinical psychology at schools : based on graduate students' thoughts about their outside trainings
Authors: 岡本, 淳子
永井, 智
佐藤, 秀行
下山, 晃司
Okamoto, Junko
Nagai, Satoru
Sato, Hideyuki
Shimoyama, Koji
Keywords: スクールカウンセラー
school counselor
school counseling
outside practical trainings in clinical psychology
graduated student
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2010
Publisher: 立正大学心理臨床センター
Abstract: 本大学院では、臨床心理外部実習の中で修士2年生は医療や教育、福祉など多様な領域の外部機関に出向いている。その一環として、学校臨床心理実習については2年生全員を通年で週1回ずつ学校に派遣している。教職課程における教育実習のように法的システムが構築されていないところで現実の学校教育と折り合いをつけながら実習を通年継続することは、大学院側にとっても数々の工夫を迫られるところである。本年度、学校実習に対する意識のアンケート調査を実習開始前と開始後約1年近く経過した時点で派遣実習生対象に実施した。「学校(実習)に対する不安」は実習を継続するなかで有意に低下するものの、「楽しみな気持ち」も有意に低下していた。また、「学校(実習)に対するわからなさ」が低いほど、「学校(実習)に対する不安」も低下することや、実習前の「学校(実習)に対する不安」が高いほど、「楽しみな気持ち」が低下していることが分かった。これらの結果は大学院における教育に示唆を与えるものと考えられた。
Our graduate school, as part of the outside practical trainings in clinical psychology, sends the second-year students of its master's course to outside institutions of many different fields, such as healthcare, education, social welfare, etc. In one of those practices, the clinical psychology practice at schools, all the second-year students visit schools once a week to work there, for one whole year. Unlike the teacher-training courses, which are defined by the relevant laws in Japan, this practice at school run for a whole year, coordinated in harmony with the educational activities conducted at those schools. And this coordination requires the graduate school to make much effort and devise many new ideas. This school year, we conducted a questionnaire with the second-year students about how they felt about their practice at schools, before the practice began and again almost a year into the practice. We found that, while "anxieties over the practice at schools" declined significantly as the students continued their practice, "happiness in the practice" declined also significantly. Also we discovered that, the less "lack of understanding about the practice at schools" a student had, the less "anxieties over the practice at schools" he/she had. And another finding was that the more "anxieties over the practice at schools" a student had, the lower his/her "happiness in the practice" declined. We consider that those questionnaire results can provide some helpful suggestions about education at graduate schools.
Description: 研究論文
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/5857
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