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Title: 非誘致型の官民協働刑務所開設に伴う社会的包摂促進の検討―播磨社会復帰促進センター近隣住民の意識調査―
Other Titles: The promotion of social inclusion by adoption of the government-led PFI prison : the survey of the residents for Harima Rehabilitation Program Center
Authors: 上瀬, 由美子
KAMISE, Yumiko
Keywords: social inclusion
social and institutional support
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2018
Publisher: 立正大学心理学研究所
Abstract: This paper focuses on the government-led Private Finance Initiative( PFI) prison method in Japan as a new social system. PFI prison project in Japan started in 2007. Currently, there are 4 institutions running with this method: two of these PFI prisons are established with soliciting-bid, and the other two are through the government’s efforts. The proactive efforts of these institutions towards the transparency of their institutions or correctional systems to the neighboring communities are higher than the other standard prisons. According to the previous studies( Kamise, et al., 2017; Kamise, 2016, Kamise, 2013; Yano, Kamise, and Saito, 2014), PFI prisons may have a positive impact on the neighboring communities. Also, Kamise( 2016) made the presumption that the positive impact of government- led PFI prisons would be smaller than solicited PFI prisons. In this research, two surveys were conducted in a neighborhood that surrounds a government-led PFI prison( Harima Rehabilitation Program Center). In Study 1, the neighbors’ interviews on their attitudes against PFI prison systems were administered to 3 people living in the vicinity of Harima Rehabilitation Program Center. In Study 2, a questionnaire survey was delivered to the neighborhood of the center. The results showed that like solicited PFI prisons the transparency of the correctional systems promoted in this area lead to the positive changes in neighborhood residents’ attitudes towards the PFI prison. However, the degree of contacts with the institution is less than the other solicited PFI prisons.
 本研究は、日本で2007年に開始された新たな社会システムである官民協働刑務所(PFI 刑務所)に注目した。現在、社会復帰促進センターは4カ所あり、このうちの2つは地元誘致による開設、残りは国主導で開設された施設である。本稿研究1では、非誘致型の播磨社会復帰促進センター近隣住民3名に面接調査を行い、研究2では近隣住民に広く質問紙調査を実施した。その結果から、誘致型PFI 刑務所 と同様に、当該施設に対する住民の態度は開設後に肯定的に変化していた。ただし誘致型と比較して、施設に対する認知度や接触が低いことが示された。
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/6567
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