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Title: On Academic Training in the Early Nichiren Sect: With a Focus on Cases from the Nikkō Lineage
Authors: Homma, Shumbun
本間, 俊文
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2019
Publisher: Rissho University
Abstract: It is beyond dispute that there is a level of study and training that a monk must accumulate before they can reach maturity as a monk. Within his literary works, such as Kaimokushō (“The Opening of the Eyes”) and Soya Nyūdō-dono gari gosho (“Letter to Soya Nyūdō-dono”), the founder of the Nichiren Sect, Nichiren (1222–1282) gave teachings to his disciples and patrons on the place of academic education in the course of cultivating one’s path in Buddhism. His position on this must also have been made clear to his followers time and again. How, then, did the disciples who inherited Nichiren’s teachings go on to handle academic training in the early sect subsequent to the founder’s passing? This question is an issue of import in grasping the monks’ basic endeavors and what the original circumstances of the sect were like. However, few historical materials exist such as writings by direct disciples in the early sect after Nichiren’s death, and to date, no systematic investigations have been conducted on academic training at that time. Therefore, to make a first step toward bringing to light the actual conditions of academic training in the early Nichiren sect, and having sorted out research that has already been done, this paper will look to the Nikkō lineage founded by Byakuren Ajari Nikkō (1246–1333)—of whose selfpenned writings the greatest volume are extant among the six direct disciples (six senior priests) of Nichiren—in an attempt to investigate the circumstances of study within the lineage based on reliable historical materials.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/6637
ISBN: 9784582474428
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