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Title: How Do Parents Communicate with Their Infants? : The Function of Parental Proxy Talk in Pre-Verbal Communication
Authors: Okamoto, Yoriko
Sugano, Yukie
Shouji, Reika
Takahashi, Chie
Yagishita-Kawata, Akiko
Aoki, Yayoi
Ishikawa, Ayuchi
Kamei, Miyako
Kawata, Manabu
Suda, Osamu
岡本, 依子
菅野, 幸恵
東海林, 麗香
高橋, 千枝
八木下(川田), 暁子
青木, 弥生
石川, あゆち
亀井, 美弥子
川田, 学
須田, 治
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2019
Publisher: Rissho University
Abstract: How do parents communicate with their infants before the infants learn to talk? It has been observed that the parents use Parental Proxy Talk (PPT) as if the speech came from the infants’ own voice. In other words, PPT reflects their expectations of what the infants were thinking and feeling. The present study of PPT explored how PPT functions from birth to 15 months of age, and how PPT contributes to communication with pre-verbal infants. The results showed that there are three periods in the development of the use of PPT; (1) a gradual increase between 0 and 3 months, (2) a peak period from 6-9 months, and (3) a period of decreasing use of PPT from 12-15 months. The study also showed that PPT functions to support not only the pre-verbal infants but also parents themselves, e.g., in parents’ emotion regulation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11266/6649
ISBN: 9784582474428
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